Guliyappa or Paddu is a popular breakfast recipe served mostly in the southern part of India.There are various methods of preparing this delicacy. The basic recipe is using the dosa batter along with some chopped veggies added to it.Today I am sharing my Grandma’s Guliyappa/paddu recipe that has been followed for generations together. Ammamma as we lovingly call her is an absolute perfectionist in cooking. She believes that there are no shortcuts in cooking. I can without a doubt say that every dish she makes is nothing less than heavenly. Her Guliyappa recipe is not only unique but it is extremely delicious and one of a kind?


Urad Dal – 1 cupIdly Rice + Normal Rice – 3.5 cups (2 and 1.5 cups respectively)**Or you can use 3.5 cups of just dosa riceFenugreek seeds – 1 tspThin poha (beaten rice) – 1 cupCurd/Yogurt/Buttermilk – about 2 cups or more as required to soakGreen chillies – 5 to 6Ginger – 2-inch pieceSalt – as per taste

Full recipe: Guliyappa/Paddu

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