Meat ka achaar/Goat pickle

Meat Pickle

Meat ka achaar/Goat pickle

Meat ka achaar like any pickle stays for months, and can be paired with pretty much anything from rotis to parathas to rice. I love how a pickle, this one in particular, can take a simple meal like dal chawal to a different level altogether. As pickles go, this one is super simple to make, minimum ingredients and spices are used so the meat flavour really comes through.


Mutton/Goat meat – 1kg (boneless cut in small bite size pieces)Garlic cloves – 50 grams (sliced)Turmeric powder – 1/2 tspChilli powder – 5-6 tspNigella seeds (kalonji) – 2 tspFennel seeds (saunf) – 2 tbspCumin seeds (jeera) – 1 tbspBlack Cardamom – 2Cloves- 7-8Bay Leaf (dried) – 2Cinnamon – 1 inch stickSalt – 2 tspLime juice – 2-3 tbspMustard Oil (or canola/vegetable oil) – 350-500ml

Full recipe: Meat ka achaar/Goat pickle

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