The Tangy Watermelon

Tangy Watermelon Juice

The Tangy Watermelon

The heat is catching up slowly reminding us that summer is here. It’s fun to play outdoors but at the same time we need to ensure that we protect ourselves from the heat. Sunscreen moisturizers, hats and most importantly liquids.

What is the next best thing after water to keep us hydrated? Fruits and juices:)

So here is a recipe for ‘Tangy Watermelon’ juice – the freshness of watermelon with the ‘tangy’ness of the oranges with a hint of honey for sweetness:)



Watermelon – 1 small

Oranges – 3 to 4 (I used cuties)

*cuties – small oranges

Honey – 3 tbsp (adjust according to sweetness required)



Blend both watermelon and the oranges in a juicer / mixer along with some honey. Add water if needed.

Sieve the blended mixture to get a juice (watery) texture.

The ‘tangy watermelon’ is ready to be served:) Enjoy this cool drink on hot days:)

Full recipe: The Tangy Watermelon


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