Piri Piri Lamb Curry (Kolkata Kosha Mangsho)

Piri Piri Lamb Curry

Piri Piri Lamb Curry (Kolkata Kosha Mangsho)

Mutton or lamb curry is one of my family favorite dish. In Kolkata, most of the people enjoy this delicious homely and traditional ‘Kosha Mangsho’ when they are having a day off or celebrating any precious moment of life.Just like Sunday Roast in England. We are celebrating because we have succeeded in weight loss program. So why not put some more weight on…haha…To me ‘Kosha Mangsho’ means lots of good memories and enjoyment of having comfort food .I still can remember the delicious smell of ‘Kosha Mangsho’ every Sunday from my neighborhood and in my house. Bitter melon is the perfect companion to the lamb curry ,both are most of the Bengali’s favorite combination of food,cause when you bite the bitter melon it gives you a bitter taste to your tongue definitely,which refresh your test buds immediately.After that, you will be able to taste all the awesome flavor of spices in the lamb curry or any curry perfectly.Bitter melon is highly recommended to those who are suffering from diabetes.


Lamb shoulder with the bone :around 600gm.
3 Medium size onions.
One whole small garlic.
One inch ginger.
Turmeric powder : One and a half table spoon.
Green cardamom : 4
Mace 1 tea spoon or half flower of mace.
Yogurt : 3 table spoon.
Poppy seeds 2 table spoon.
Green chiles :3
Mustard oil: 2 large table spoon.
One large tomato.
Coriander powder: 1 large spoon.
Kashmiri sweet red chili powder: 2 table spoon.
Salt to taste.


1/4 cup mustard oil.
Some whole garam masala:4 to 5 green cardamom, one cinnamon stick or cassia, 4 to 5 cloves and 2 bay leaves.
Coriander leaves.
Potatoes :2 large cut them into half or baby potatoes as many as you like.(Optional)
Coriander leaves.
Some more yogurt: Around 3 tablespoon
Sweet red chili powder: 2 tablespoon.
Water : Around 2 cups.


Please visit my recipe blog to get the details recipe.( step by step pictures).

Full recipe: Piri Piri Lamb Curry (Kolkata Kosha Mangsho)


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