Curry Spiced Baby Potatoes

Curry Spiced Baby Potatoes

Curry Spiced Baby Potatoes

This Curry Spiced Potatoes recipe is an any-time favorite for us. The baby potatoes are coated with spices and cooked with olive oil which gives it a very rich and tasty texture.Somedays, you just don’t want to enter the kitchen and somedays, you just want to cook up a storm, no? Well, this Curry Spiced Potatoes dish is for those days or evenings, when you don’t want to do anything in the kitchen. No prepping needed whatsoever. Just boil the potatoes and coat them with the blend of spices and your spicy and tasty potatoes dish is ready in a jiff. You can enjoy them either with a glass of wine or pair them with a steaming bowl of rice and dal.


A small bunch of coriander leaves, chopped2 TBSP cumin and coriander powder1 TSP grated gingersalt to season1/4 tsp turmeric5 tbsp olive oilA pinch of asafoetida powder1/2 cup yoghurt 12-15 baby potatoes3/4 green chilies chopped2/4 dry red chilies crushed1 TSP black peppercorna handful of peanuts crushed 1 TBSP chaat masalaLemon juice as per taste

Full recipe: Curry Spiced Baby Potatoes

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