Vegetarian Meatball (Cauliflower)Pasta

Vegetarian Meatball (Cauliflower)Pasta

Meatball pasta is one of my favorite dishes.I wish my vegetarian friends could taste it. Why not? I just need to make the vegballs instead of meatballs.There are so many vegetables to choose from. It was the hard part.Cauliflower is extremely popular in India.We got thousands of various dish on cauliflower.Of course, I have used potatoes also to bind the vegetable balls. This is a healthy recipe , it has got lots of tomatoes and a good amount of vegetables.Children will never say no to pasta.


Cauliflower florets: 4 or 5

Potato: One large boiled

Onions: One small minced.(for medium size use half of it)

Garlic: 2 large cloves (For better result saute onions and garlic for few minute in hot oil before use)

Cornflour to roll the balls

Salt to taste

Red chilies : 1 tea spoon

Black pepper : 4 to 5

Oil to fry. (Deep fry the vegetable balls for best result)
Main Ingredients
To make the Sauce:

I have used 125 gram of peeled plumb tinned tomatoes

Spaghetti : Around 100 gram

Minced onion: One small (for medium size use half of it)

Garlic :one large clove

Coriander leaves or basil leaves (optional)

Olive oil 3 table-spoon

Salt to taste

Sugar: half tea-spoon


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Full recipe: Vegetarian Meatball (Cauliflower)Pasta

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