Kashaya / Herbal drink

kashaya recipe

Kashaya / Herbal drink

Kashaya is an herbal drink, unlike tea or coffee it is a decoction of a group of herbs, which is used in our day to day cooking. This particular recipe is my dad’s favourite one and we follow this recipe from ages. Kashaya is an alternative drink for people who don’t want to consume Coffee or tea due to various reasons. It has various health benefits too.

I usually prepare this powder and keep it as an alternative drink to tea or coffee and usually prefer this in monsoon season.

To prepare Kashaya powder:



Coriander seed – 200 grams.

Cumin – 100 grams

Fenugreek seeds – 2 tsp.

Fennel seed /saunf – 2 tbl sp

Whole wheat /broken wheat – 3 tbl sp

Finger millet /Ragi – 2 tbl sp

Black pepper – 2 tsp.

Cardamom – 5


Measure everything and keep it ready.
Slowly dry roast everything one by one, till it emits aroma.
Spread these roasted items on paper and cool.
Now take one dry mixer grinder jar and powder this.
Cool completely and store this powder in an airtight container.

To prepare Kashaya:

Water – ¾ cup
Kashaya powder – 1 tsp
Sugar or jaggery – as required
Milk – ¼ cup
Boil water by adding Kashaya powder and sugar or jaggery.
After boiling it for 2 to 3 minutes, add milk and remove from the flame.
Sieve the mixture and enjoy your herbal drink or Kashaya.

Full recipe: Kashaya / Herbal drink

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