Scotch Eggs with Lamb mince meat (Manso diye egg kofta )

Scotch Eggs with Lamb mince meat (Manso diye egg kofta )

Scotch eggs are one of my favorite picnic food in UK.When I first tasted scotch egg it reminded me the childhood vegetable kofta with half portion of egg inside it and of-course made by my Mum.Scotch egg is traditionally made with pork meat, mustard sauce , some herbs and quail eggs.In my recipe, I am using lamb mince meat,chicken eggs and my choice of spices with herbs.Instade of lamb meat we can use chicken or goat meat or even fish.


Eggs : 5 boiled eggs for stuffing and 2 raw eggs .Lamb or goat mince meat (fat less): 500g.Onion : one medium size / two if small in size.Garlic cloves: 4 to 5.Garlic powder: 1 table-spoon (optional).Ginger powder: 1 big table-spoon or 2 table-spoon ginger paste.Turmeric powder: 1 tea-spoon (optional)Whole spices: 1 table-spoon cumin, half table-spoon coriander seeds, 3 to 4 cloves, cardamom 2 to 3, mixed whole peppers, nutmeg. Herbs: Dil (Saluka in Bengali, Soyo in Hindi),coriander leaves, dry lemon leaves.Red chili powder or paprika.BreadcrumbFlourVegetable oil


Please view the detail step by step recipe to the following link! Thank you!

Full recipe: Scotch Eggs with Lamb mince meat (Manso diye egg kofta )

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