Oats fruit custard

Fruit Custard

Oats fruit custard

Benefits:1.it improves immunity power and blood circulation. 2.it provides multivitamins and iron. 3 . jaggery powder is very healthy for diabetic patients. 4.oats will help for strengthening pregnant ladies. 5.you can add fruits of ur choice.


Ingredients :1.1cup of oats, 2.1/2 half cup of fresh milk, 3.3 table spoons of jaggerdypowder 4.1/2 cup of chopped fruits,
5.1 table s elachipowder.


procedure: steps: 1.First switch on the stove, place a container and pour milk on it, let it boil completely. 2 . now add oats to it and let it be cooked for two minutes and switch off the stove and keep it a side cool it. 3.finally add jaggery powder, fruit pieces and elachipowder, our recipe is ready to serve hot or u can refrigerate.

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