Cantoloupe And Greek Yogurt Medley

Cantoloupe And Greek Yogurt Medley

Cantoloupe & Greek Yogurt Medley

To enjoy the whole nutrient of any fruit, it needs to be consumed in it’s whole form. I like to have more fresh fruit juices during the summer and especially to counter the humidity here. All you need is light , healthy and quick breakfast along with some refreshing cold beverages to tackle this hot and humid weather at Bhubaneswar. Cantaloupe or muskmelons are perfect summer coolers as it has lots of water content which reduces the body heat during summer. Though one could consume this directly, you could also this to juice, smoothies, sorbet, icecream, soup, desert etc.


1 cantaloupe or muskmelon
Sugar or jaggery as required
200 gms fresh greek hogurt
a pinch of black salt
1 tsp cardamom powder
few cherries to decorate

Full recipe: Cantoloupe & Greek Yogurt Medley

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