Simple spicy steamed fish(cod)

Simple spicy steamed fish(cod)

Bengali cousin known for its subtle flavoures.One of the authentic dish in Bengal is steamed fish.Many many years before oil was not easily available to the people who lived interior in Bengal and also was expensive to buy,then they came up with the beautiful idea of steaming the fish inside the banana leafs with some herbs and spices.Gradually this idea become popular in our food culture.Traditinaly Bengali steamed fish cooked with fresh coconut paste,mustard and chili paste inside banana leafs.In this recipe I have use simple spices and cook them slowly in the steamer.This recipe is truly delicious ,comfort food and takes very less time to cook.


Cod fish: 6 filets (any fish filets)

Ginger:1 tabel spoon grated

Garlic: one large clove grated

One chopped green chili

1 table spoon black pepper

1 table spoon gram flour (besan)

1 table spoon olive oil

2 large table spoon lemon juice

Please visit my site to get the full recipe


Please visit my site to get the full recipe

Full recipe: Simple spicy steamed fish(cod)

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