Penne with Spinach and Mint Pesto

Penne with Spinach and Mint Pesto

Light and healthy Spinach and Mint Pesto pasta will leave you getting back for more! Indulge with the heart healthy summer treat for a wholesome meal 🙂


Pasta – 1 cup (Any kind of pasta will work)

Spinach leaves – 1 bunch (washed and drained)

Mint leaves – 1 small bunch

Coriander leaves – 1 small bunch

Spring onion greens – 1 small bunch

Garlic cloves – 1-2

Toasted Walnuts – 8-10

Parmesan cheese – 1 small cup (shredded)

Olive oil – 4 heaping tbsps

Lemon juice – juice of 1/2 a lemon

Salt – as per taste

Full recipe: Penne with Spinach and Mint Pesto

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