Mango-Ginger Iced Tea

Mango Ginger Iced Tea

Mango-Ginger Iced Tea

I know we are just couple of days into spring, yet, it feels like summer here in Northern California. It gets very dry here during Summer and I’m not a fan of hot weather. I would rather be bundled up and drink non-stop hot coffee than dream about beaches in sandals. Here is a drink recipe to beat the California summer – Mango Ginger Iced Tea. Which takes very very less time to prepare. If you don’t have fresh mangoes available then use peaches or strawberries. I added ginger because its a persona favorite. Skip ginger if you don’t like it. I also used honey instead of sugar to sweeten it.So you got Fresh Mangoes, ginger, a couple of green or black tea bags?? Lets make mango iced tea then!


Water 8 cupsGinger crushed 1/2 inchGreen/Black tea bags 3. (use loose tea if you don’t have tea bags. I used green tea bags)Mango pureed 1 cupSugar/Honey 3 tbs (I used Mountain Forest Raw Honey)Mint for garnishing

Full recipe: Mango-Ginger Iced Tea

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