Lemongrass Tambli

Lemongrass Tambli

Lemongrass Tambli

Lemongrass is used as a culinary as well as medicinal herb in the Asian continent. It has a mild citrus flavour with sweetish taste. It can be used in a dried, powdered or fresh form in various things like teas, soups and curries. This particular curry is called “Tambli” and it is prepared by grinding fresh leaves with coconut and mixing in buttermilk and it doesn’t need boiling. You can savour this like an appetiser or mixing with piping hot rice in this really hot summer. It has healing properties and is very good for the digestive system.How to prepare this:


Ingredients:Lemongrass sticks – 5-6Fresh grated Coconut – ½ cupGreen chilli -1Salt –to tasteLemon – ½Buttermilk – ½ cup


Click on the link below for detailed recipe.

Full recipe: Lemongrass Tambli

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