Detoxifying Ash gourd-Brahmi and Pomegranate juice

Detoxifying Ash gourd-Brahmi and Pomegranate juice

Raw vegetable and fruit juices are helpful in restoring our health. One can include this juice in the early morning with an empty stomach, after working out or walking. This juice has highly nutritive Ash-gourd which helps in stomach health, high antioxidant pomegranate and memory enhancer Brahmi. Over all it is filled with all the nutrients, will help in the eradication of Toxins from the body. Juice diet may be done alongside a normal healthy diet to provide all the vitamins and nutrients to your body.



Ash-gourd – ½ cup (chopped)

Brahmi leaves – ¼ cup

Pomegranate – ½

Water – 1 cup

Salt – ¼ tsp.

Any Sweetener – (if u need) I am using very little sugar free natura.


-Remove outer skin, Grate Ash-gourd.

-Remove pomegranate seeds.

-Blend gourd, Brahmi, pomegranate, water and salt. If needed add any form of sugar and churn nicely.

-Sieve this mixture and collect juice. Add ice cubes and enjoy your nutrition rich, power packed juice to kick start your day.

Full recipe: Detoxifying Ash gourd-Brahmi and Pomegranate juice

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