Bannangayi Dosa /tender (young) coconut Dosa:


Bannangayi Dosa /tender (young) coconut Dosa:

When I was a little girl, my mom used to work and I used to spend the summer vacation at my grandparents’ house. I used to enjoy at the farm house by having an unlimited supply of Mangoes, tender coconut, pineapples etc.
There used to be abundant supply of fallen young coconuts, also called ‘bannangayi’ which have much harder flesh than what we get in the normal tender coconut carts over .
My aunt used to make a very tasty Dosa out of this and we used to relish this along with chutney and honey.
Last week, when I saw these kind of tender coconuts in my native, I prepared this after ages. It was such a nostalgic moment for me. Let us see how to make this tasty and dosa.



Tender coconut – 1 ( Thick pulp)

Dosa rice – 2 cups



Please go thru this post for detail.

Bannangayi Dosa /tender (young) coconut Dosa:

Full recipe: Bannangayi Dosa /tender (young) coconut Dosa:

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