Baked Sweet Yogurt

Bhappa Doi Recipe

Baked Sweet Yogurt

A Bengali meal is never complete without a dessert, so whether its a big part or a family dinner this baked sweet yogurt or what we call in Bengali “bhapa doi” is sure to steal the show. While making the Bengali style misti doi is quite an ordeal, and when I say ordeal I mean it, though the steps are pretty straight forward but misti doi needs the right amount of temperature and time to set to the exact consistency. On the other hand bhapa doi doesn’t require that much of expertise.


2 lbs plain Greek yogurt
1 can evaporated milk
1 can condensed milk
½ cup brown sugar
Handful of almonds for garnish, optional


To read how to make the baked sweet yogurt click on the link to my blog

Full recipe: Baked Sweet Yogurt

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