Sattu Ka Panna

Sattu Ka Panna

Sattu Ka Panna

Sattu ka Panna is an energizing drink that not only quenches our thirst but also protects us from the intense summer heat. Sattu was originally known as Sat-Anaj (seven cereals, millets and pulses). All across the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha, Sattu is eaten daily in various forms.There are two versions of sattu drink – meetha (sweet) and namkeen (savory). Sattu a ghol is a salted version where black salt, black pepper, roasted cumin powder, lemon juice and mint leaves are used.In Odisha we mostly use the sweeter version of this drink named as Sattu Panna .


1 cup Chatua or sattu
1/4 cup grated coconut
2 nos of ripe banana mashed
1/2 cup jaggery
1/4 cup yogurt
1/4 cup chena
1 tsp grated ginger
1/4 cup chopped mango
a pinch of black pepper powder
a pinch of salt
Ice Cubes
Mango slices for garnishing
chilled water as needed

Full recipe: Sattu Ka Panna

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