Khichdi – A Feast Of The Lord


Khichdi - A Feast Of The Lord

To many, the humble khichdi or khichri or Khechudi, evokes a medley of emotions, by the mere mention of the name, one either loves or hates it. Almost every state in India has it’s own name for Khichdi, and has it as part of regular meals. It is called khichuri in West Bengal, Adahengu khichdi( ginger-asafoetida khichdi) in Odisha which is a part of the famous Chapan Bhog of the Lord Jagannath temple, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Bisi bele bath in Karnataka and Khichri in Bihar and UP.


1 cup Rice
½ cup Moong Dal
3 cups water
1 tbsp ghee
1 bay leaf
2 green cardamom
1/2 inch cinnamon
1 or 2 dry red chilli
1/4tsp of cumin seeds
1/4tsp asafetida
1tbsp grated ginger
½ tsp turmeric powder
salt as per taste
for garnishing
Fresh coriander
Green chillies
lime wedges

Full recipe: Khichdi – A Feast Of The Lord

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