Beet and Apple Salad

Beet and apple salad

Beet and apple salad

Low calorie eye pleasing salad for this summer heat. This is a very light and tasty salad and at the same time, pleasing and healthy too.This salad gets its pink color from boiled beet.


Beetroot – 1 big.

Apples – 2

Lettuce – 6 -8 leaves

Vinegar – 1 tbl sp.

Dressing: Hung curd – 1 cup , mayonnaise – 2 tbl spoon , garlic salt , sugar -1 tsp , English mustard – 1 tsp.

Garnish : roasted pine nuts or any other nuts.



-Wash beetroot , peel outer skin and chop it into finger shaped pieces. Take one cooker and put some water and cook . After one whistle ,switch off ,cool and drain and mix vinegar to this and keep this atleast for 2 hrs in the fridge.

-When you want to prepare salad , mix all the ingredients listed under dressing and keep it ready.

-Chop Apple . Make lettuce strips and add this to prepared dressing ,add in marinated beet too and mix.

-While serving ,garnish with roasted pine nuts or any other nuts and enjoy.

Full recipe: Beet and apple salad

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