Vegan Korean Bibimbap

Vegan Bibimbap

Vegan Korean Bibimbap

I just love Korean food, either it’s spicy , salty kimchi or rolls, love it because it is spicy. So whenever I get a chance to make or eat Korean food, never left it. So one weekend was thinking about what to make for lunch for me cause hubby can’t have spicy food, kids won’t eat either so it was just for me and when its for me , its spicy all the way. So stand in front of fridge , saw the vegetables inside, and then I saw my saved recipes. It was perfect day to explore Korean dish so I made this and enjoy it. I use it brown rice because that’s always ready in my fridge but you can use white, sticky , jasmine whatever you have it. Once you chopped up your vegetables , everything is fast , just saute all the vegetables separately and keep it aside, put rice in the middle and vegetables outside, but when you are eating, mix everything and enjoy it.



1 cup cooked brown rice / white rice
1 cup sliced mushroom
2 tbsp tamari sauce
1 tsp Mirin or rice wine vinegar

3 baby carrots julienned strips
salt as per taste
1/4 tsp sesame oil

1 cup Baby spinach
salt as per taste

1/2 cup Bean Sprouts
salt as per taste

1/2 cup julienned cucumber strips

Chilli Sauce:

2 tablespoons chili sauce
1 teaspoon Sesame Oil
2 teaspoons Brown Sugar
1 teaspoon Tamari
1½ teaspoons Rice Vinegar

To Serve:
Black and White Sesame Seeds


Heat a small pan, add oil and add mushroom, add all the sauces and cook till its done, take it out and keep it aside.
Same way cook carrot, spinach, bean sprouts and keep it aside.
You don’t need to cook cucumber.
For Chilli sauce, mix everything in bowl and keep it aside.

To assemble , place rice in the middle of the bowl, and arrange all vegetables on the side and sauce too.
Sprinkle black and white sesame seeds on top and enjoy mixing everything together.

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