Paneer Biriyani

Paneer Biriyani, Indian cheese Paneer Biryani

Paneer Biriyani

Paneer biriyani goes definitely for an easy version, with usual spices you can dish out this one pot meal quickly in pressure cooker. Cooking through pressure cooker makes our life easier, obviously if you are in hurry just go with pressure cooking.


2cups Basmati rice
2cups Cubed paneer
2nos Onions (sliced thinly)
5nos Tomatoes (chopped finely)
1tbsp Ginger garlic paste
2nos Green chillies (slit opened)
1/2tsp Red chilly powder
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
1tsp Garam masala powder
3cups Water
1/2cup Mint leaves (chopped)
2tbsp Ghee
2nos Whole spices (bay leaves,cloves, cinnamon stick & cardamoms)


Heat the oil and ghee together in a pressure cooker, fry the bayleaves, cloves,cinnamon stick and cardamom until they turns brown.

Add immediately the sliced onions,chopped tomatoes, slit opened green chillies,ginger garlic paste and sauté with salt until the veggies get cooked and raw smell goes away.

Meanwhile wash the rice and soak the rice with 3 cups of water,keep aside for 15minutes..

Add the cubed paneer,red chilly powder, turmeric powder,garam masala,cumin powder to the cooking veggies, cook for few minutes.

Drain the soaked rice and add the rice soaked water,mint leaves to the cooker,bring everything to boil.

Finally add the soaked rice,cook in high flame,close the cooker.

Cook upto three whistles,put off the stove. Once the steam gets released, give a stir gently.

Serve hot with onion raita..

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