Kolkata Street-style Aloo Dum

Aloo Dum

Kolkata Street-style Aloo Dum

Kolkata is perhaps the only city where dum aloo is a street food in its own merit. Odisha has dahi bara, aloo chop and bara which are served with dum aloo but you dare not imagine the two dum aloo to be similar to each other. The baby potatoes in dum aloo take on a dusky, spicy, tangy avatar on the streets of Kolkata. A maiden independent enough to stand on her own merit and zesty enough to co-habit with the koraishutir kochuri and yet hold on to her independence!

The koraishutir kochuri and aloo dum are a classic sinful combo that most Bengalis give in to during the winter. It is best made and had when the fresh sweet peas and the baby potatoes are in season during winter. I somehow do not advocate the kachori during summers, giving in to my “eat seasonal” principle! Some things are worth the wait!


Baby potatoes – 500g (Boiled & peeled. Poke a few holes in the potatoes with a fork)
Onion- 1 medium (finely chopped)
Ginger-Garlic paste- 2 tsp
Bay leaf- 2
Cumin seeds- ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder- ½ tsp
Fresh coriander leaves- a handful (finely chopped)
Tamarind paste- 1 1/2 tbsp (diluted in 1/4 cup of water)
Mustard oil – 2 tbsp

Dry spice powder:
Coriander seeds- 1 tbsp.
Cumin seeds- ½ tbsp.
Whole dried red chilies – 3 or 4 (or to taste)
Whole black pepper- ½ tsp
Cinnamon stick- 1 inch
Black cardamoms- 1
Bay leaves- 2


Roast the ingredients of the dry spice powder individually and grind to a fine powder;

Heat mustard oil in a deep wok and temper with bay leaves and cumin seeds;

Add the chopped onions and fry till the onions are brown on the edges. Add the ginger-garlic paste mixed with a dash of water and fry for a minute.

Add the dry spice powder, turmeric powder and salt. Add a splash of water, and fry over low heat till the spice is no longer raw and oil starts floating;

Add the boiled potatoes. Toss and coat with the spices, cover and fry over low flame for 5 minutes. Check to prevent burning at the bottom, add some water and cook for another 7-8 minutes;

Add the tamarind paste and remove from heat. Garnish with coriander leaves.

The link also contains the recipe for the koraishutir kochuri

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