Khira Gaintha or, Milky Rice Balls

Khira Gaintha or, Milky Rice Balls

I see a lot of Holi posts with Thandai in it. I thought about making something – a cake/cupcakes/drinks with thandai but then looks like every dish out there is taken. I live in California and my parents move back and forth between Bhubaneswar and Delhi. I was talking to my ma the other day over phone and she was tellling me about how she used to modify dishes for me because I was a fussy eater. I wanted to post a recipe thats very close to my heart because one, its my Ma’s recipe. Second, I grew up eating it.This is a traditional Odia/Bengali sweet recipe called KHIRA GAINTHA or in other words, MILKY RICE BALLS. The taste is delicate and not-so-sweet. Tastes best when served chilled. It has that rabdi/Ras Malai taste to it. Try the recipe and tell me, if you find it any different than Ras Malai.


Rice Flour 2 cupsWater 4 CupsSugar ¾ cupEvaporated Milk 1 cupSalt ¼ tspCardamom powder 1 TbsShredded Coconut 1/2 cupMilk 6 CupsCrushed Cashew and Almonds – ¼ cup

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