Fusion Veggie Wraps/Rolls:

Fusion Veggie Wrap

Fusion Veggie Wraps/Rolls:

Why do I call this a Fusion wrap? It has an Indian Roti with Mexican filling. This is a Colourful veggie wrap which can be served hot or cold. These wraps are filling and at the same time very healthy too. It’s ideal for kid’s lunch boxes .
Here I have used-
a) Ragi/finger millet, whole wheat roti.
b) Avocado dip which is mixed with chopped lettuce and used as a bottom bed.
c) Roasted veggie: here I have taken capsicum. You can use chopped and roasted mushroom or any other veggie as well.
d) Salsa: here I have taken tomato salsa, you can use any salsa like pineapple, mango etc.


a)Ingredients for Roti:
Whole wheat flour-1 cup
Ragi /finger millet flour-½ cup
Water-1 cup
Chopped dill leaves-1 cup
Oil -1 tsp.
b)Ingredients for Avocado Dip:
Avocado -1 large
Yogurt- ½ cup
Sugar – 1 tsp.
Green chilli -1
Garlic salt – to taste.
Cumin powder – ½ tsp.
Red chilli flakes- ¼ tsp.
2 to 3 table sp. –chopped coriander leaves.
c)Ingredients for Roasted Veggie: Capsicum or mushroom,olive oil and seasoning.
d)Ingredients for Tomato salsa:
Tomato -1 finely chopped
Onion- ½ finely chopped
Green chilli -1 finely chopped
Salt, sugar and lemon juice –according to your taste
Coriander leaves –chopped


a)First we will see how to make Roti:
Method: Take one cup of water, add oil, salt and boil. Now add Ragi flour and keep this for 2 to 3 minute or until it cooks. Now remove from the flame and keep aside. When it is a little cool and ready to handle, add whole wheat flour and chopped greens ,make a firm ball like Chapati dough. Cover and keep this aside 10 minutes for resting. Then start making little thicker Chapati than the regular Chapati and cook both the sides by applying some ghee or oil and keep it ready.
b)Secondly we will see how to make Avocado dip:
Method: Remove flesh from the avocado and discard its seed.
Grind green chilli, coriander at first, then add all other ingredients and churn these by putting all of them together and adjust the seasoning.
-you can serve this as a side dish, as a dip or dressing.
-This dip stays good for a week under refrigeration.
-Now Chop lettuce like long strips and mix this avocado dip according to the requirement. Now your second ingredient for the wrap is ready.
c)Thirdly, the Roasted veggie:
-Here I have taken capsicum. Wash, remove seeds and dice .Now take some olive oil, sauté this and sprinkle some garlic salt. Now your third ingredient for the wrap is ready too.
d) Fourth and last one is Tomato Salsa:
Method: add all these ingredients, mix and adjust the seasoning. Now your fourth and last ingredient for the wrap is ready.

Now we will proceed to make Fusion veggie wrap:
-Keep everything ready and Take one roti, spread avocado and lettuce mix, sprinkle roasted veggie, lastly salsa. Now roll it and pack it in an aluminium foil.

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