Til Chikki /Indian Sesame Brittle:

Til Chikki

Til Chikki /Indian Sesame Brittle:

Makara sankranti and Sesame/Til seed is very much associated with each other. Every year my kids look forward to have their favorite Chikki on this auspicious day. This time I wanted to make a different type by enhancing its nutritional value by adding other ingredients too. Finally came up with this recipe.Here I have taken one big water tumbler as a measuring cup.


Ingredients:Peanut: 1 cupSesame seed – ½ cup (white and black mix)Sunflower seed -1/2 cup (de-skinned one)Roasted gram – ½ cupAlmond – ½ cup (slice or chunks)Cashew bits – 1cup Desiccated coconut – 1 cupSugar – 2 cupsGhee/clarified butter – 2 table sp.


Method:-Dry roast peanuts, remove outer skin and make halves.-Now dry roast sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Roasted gram, almond chunks, and Cashew bits one by one and keep aside. For roasting you can use stove top method or microwave.-When it’s a little cool, add desiccated coconut and mix nicely. Keep it aside.-Take one rolling pin and apply little ghee and keep aside.-Now we have to make caramel by adding sugar and ghee in a thick bottomed vessel/tawa. Keep this on a stove top, heat it until it attains liquid form and becomes light brown in colour. This is caramel. (Please refer to the below picture for stages to attain light brown color) -Without wasting any time, mix in the nuts and spread this on a wooden plank or on a clean kitchen platform. Use ghee applied chapatti rolling pin (belan) and spread this mixture nicely till it is uniformly flat. -Leave this for 2 minutes. Take one knife and mark, cut it into a desired shape. After it cools down completely you can store this in an airtight container.

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