Stuffed Chikki


Stuffed Chikki

Happy MakarSankranti



For Chikki;1/4 cup Jaggery (Gor)3 tbls Sesame seeds (Til)For Stuffing;1/2 tsp Ghee2 tbls chopped Dates1 1/2 tbls roughly crushed Almond & Walnut or Pecan1 tbls chocolate chips or chocolate syrup1/2 tsp Honey


For Chikki:* Heat the heavy bottom pan on slow flame.* Add jaggery and cook on slow flame till jiggery gets fluffy and light.* Once jaggery gets fluffy turn off the stuff and add Til (sesame seeds)* Mix well.* Transfer this jiggery and sesame seeds mixture on the greased kitchen surface quickly.(Make two parts of mixture and work on it one by one to make 2 cones of Chikki.)* Roll it thin and give it cone shape to this Chikki.Make sure work fast to give Chikki the perfect cone shape.* Keep the chikki on side.For Stuffing:* Heat the pan with Ghee.* Add chopped Dates in it and cook till gets little soft.* Add crushed almond and walnut or pecan.* Add Honey and stir well.* Add Chocolate chips or chocolate syrup and turn off the stove.* Mix well until chocolate gets melt.For Serving:* Fill this stuffing into Chikki cones.* Drizzle some chocolate syrup on it and serve.

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