Kemp Rotti

Kemp Rotti

Rotti is a specialty dish in Karnataka, India. This is one of my favs that my grandmother used to make. She made it for me whenever I visited her. It is crunchy and spicy rotti which tastes great with thick yogurt or ghee on the side. I prefer with yogurt though. On my recent trip to India visited my grandmother, she has aged and cannot cook anymore. Reliving my memories of my grandma’s (ajji) food by learning to prepare her recipes :)..



rice flour 1 cup
water enough to mix the dough
roasted spilt channa dal/dalia 2 tblsp
dry coconut shredded 2 tblsp
red chilly 8 (or add as per taste)
salt to taste
oil for cooking
onion 2 big chopped

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