Gobi, Gajar aur Shalgam Ka Achaar

Gobi, Gajar aur Shalgam Ka Achaar

Being from a family of expert pickle makers, procuring a tried and tested pickle recipe was never an issue for me. From local berries, root vegetables to wild game and poultry, there are recipes to pickle anything and everything in the family journal. But pickle making is not so simple cooking technique as it seems to be. An immense amount of preciseness is required at each step. The method to make each kind of pickle is quite divergent from the other. No two pickle recipes demand similar kind of ingredients, undertaking and seasonal weather particulars. Like the cozy, warm winter sun and the bountiful local produce is ideal to make the Gobi, Gajar aur Shalgam Ka Achaar. When the vegetable market is flooded with bright and shiny cauliflower, turnips and plenty of long and lustrous carrots, Gobi, Gajar, Shalgam pickle is one of the best ways to relish and preserve the seasonal yield.


1 medium-size cauliflower cut into florets
2 medium size carrot cut into sticks
2 medium size turnip chopped
100 gram green chili cut into half
1 tbsp turmeric powder
2 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tsp achaar ka masala (optional)
Salt to taste
1 Cup mustard oil


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