Rice Wine Recipe / Homemade Fermented Rice Wine

Homemade Rice Wine

Rice Wine Recipe / Homemade Fermented Rice Wine

Rice wine plays a crucial role in cooking Chinese dishes. Wine production and consumption has increased day by day. It is also known as ‘mijiu’.Usually wines are fermented from fruits, but here rice wine is fermented from a cereal, and it’s rice. Rice wine is the eastern alcoholic beverage.


½ cup White Raw Rice
½ cup Black Raisins (with seeds)
1 kg. Sugar (I hav used Brown Sugar)
1 tsp. +2 pinches Instant Yeast
2 tbsp. Lemon Juice
2 litre Water (boiled and cooled)


Wash and rinse rice and black raisins and keep it aside.
Take a clean big ceramic jar or a glass jar. Add in all ingredients, rice, raisins, sugar followed by water. Stir it well with a wooden ladle.
Next add in yeast and lemon juice and mix well.
Cover the jar with its lid.
Everyday stir it well for 2 minutes in morning and evening.
Do it for the next eighteen days.
On the 19th day open the jar and filter it (you can use a muslin cloth, I didn’t use) to a clean big bowl.
Wash the jar and allow it for pat drying.
Transfer the filtered content to the jar back and close the lid. Keep it for another week.
You can see the colour changing from the next day onwards..
After the said period, transfer it to clean bottles and you can start using it.
The rice wine is ready to serve.

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  1. Seena- Interesting recipe for rice wine. Curious about the rice component though-rice in its raw state is hardly likely to ferment, and in its cooked state will only really ferment if alpha/beta amylase is there to convert available starch to sugars that the yeast can effectively ferment. So have you not in essence made a batch of raisin “wine” here??
    Thanks for all the other interesting recipes though.

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