Neer Dosa (Thin Rice Crepes)

Neer Dosa / Thin rice crepes.

Hi all! Today I’m posting a south Karnataka special- Neer Dosa! Its literal translation to English is watery dosa. Many people enjoy this dosa. Friends always want to have this dosa when they visit our home and it is a joy to prepare and eat. Everyone keeps asking for the recipe and I thought I would post it. So here’s how you make this simple, soft and delicious dosa.


Dosa rice – 2 cups and Iron griddle/tawa.


-Wash and soak dosa rice at night Or 2 to 3 hour soaking is needed.
-In the morning grind this soaked rice into fine paste with water ( I use soaked water while grinding, it gives nice aroma for the dosa) and salt as per requirement.
-Make batter into pourable consistency like buttermilk consistency and check for the salt.
-Now keep Iron griddle for heat.
-When it is ready, apply oil .
-Pour one serving spoon of batter like how we make rava dosa,
-Now close the lid by keeping the gas on full flame.
-After two minutes, remove the lid and keep the gas in simmer the edges of the dosa rise a little.
-Now flip this dosa on the plate, leave for 2 minutes, then fold like this.
-Now keep repeating this with the remaining batter and stack one over the other or take one big plate and stalk one opposite another alternately.
-Serve these dosa with coconut and grated jaggery mixture or coconut chutney.

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