Maddur Vada


Maddur Vada

Maddur vada is a standard offering on ‘tiffin’ menus in the old Mysore region. It’s a very popular evening snack which goes perfectly with a hot cup of coffee. The vada is eponymous with the town it hails from, i.e. Maddur in Mandya district of Karnataka,lies between the cities of Bangalore and Mysore .


Maida-1 cup
Rice flour-1 ¼ cup
roasted rawa-½ cup
salt, onion- 1 (chopped) ,curry leaves (chopped) , 2-green chilli , 3-Dried red chillies ,
1/3 cup- peanuts, little cashew nuts, ¼ – ½ cup oil.


-Mix flour, rice flour and rawa add salt,onion and set aside.
-Heat ¼ cup of oil fry peanuts,cashew nuts, red chilli,when it is done add curry leaves and green chilli, switch off the gas,add this to flour mixture, add water little by little to make thick dough, make small balls out of this and press this into small discs and deep fry.

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