Bottle Gourd Stuff / Bharwan Doodhi

stuffed bottle gourd

Bottle Gourd Stuff / Bharwan Doodhi

Bottle Gourd /Doodhi is one of the most common vegetable found in every household. It has medicinal value and helps to maintain overall health as it is rich in Thiamine , vitamin C, zinc, iron and magnesium .
Not many are found of this vegetable. This Vegetable is always available in my kitchen as it is loved by my family. I am sharing my signature recipe here. Anyone who does not like this vegetable will also fall in love with it.
Absolutely lip smacking recipe and I am sure you will fall in love with this recipe.


2Tbsp. Channa dal
2.5 Tbsp Urad dal split / Black Gram
4 Tbsp Peanuts
6-8 red chillies
1 Tbsp Sesame seeds plus 1/2 tsp for garnish
1/2 lemon size Tamrind
1.5 Tsp Flax seeds
2 Onions (Medium Sized)
Fresh Coriander chopped
Salt to Taste

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