Hi I'm Prerna a learning wife, a learning new mom and a learning cook. Well! my world starts with my husband the sweetest man I've ever met, goes through my kitchen as cooking is the only stress buster I know of and ends at my daughter the love of my life and the most beautiful thing ever happened to me! I was born in a small town of central India and grew up in a few more small towns of India. Then I met this guy whom I now call husband, married him and moved to the US . Later came this angel in our lives who has been keeping us on our toes ever since and making our lives worth every breath! When I'm not running behind her then I'm either in my kitchen developing, testing and retesting a recipe or I'm playing around with my camera in my garage turned studio. Three things made me this awesome cook (sarcasm!) that I am today.. circumstances, no help and hunger!! But whatever I do in the kitchen today is because of  these two moms in my life - "my mom and my husband's mom".

One day when my list of bookmarked recipes became so long that I was not able to find that recipe for baked salmon, I knew I had to organize! That's what I did. I started writing down what I had tried and tasted and slowly the list grew and it gave birth to IndianSimmer. With the help of IndianSimmer I planned to try and make Indian cooking a little more approachable for everyone. Indian food is not just about curry and spicy food and neither is it so complicated as it is mostly perceived to be. So taking one step at a time, here I try to share some of mine, my family's or sometimes someone else's recipe (with due credit given) with all the food lovers out there.

This blog came to life just a few months after my daughter (otherwise refereed as the butterfly) was born. So the two practically are growing together and I am nurturing the two together. It has been three years and my love love to Indian Simmer grows everyday. I hope you love it as much as I do and you find what you came here looking for. Thanks for taking the time and looking around!
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