• Often times, my friends and co-workers here ask me, how come they don’t see a lot of fish dishes in Indian Restaurants here and honestly, that beats me too.
    Here is a Fish recipe that is guaranteed to kick […]

  • I usually tend to favor recipes which have condensed milk in it, since, I’m mostly time crunched and this is why I go for these easy to make these Microwave Cardamom Peda whenever I have unannounced friends s […]

  • This layered sponge cake is based on the flavors of Ras Malai. There is no Ras Malai inside the cake – just the flavors. Each forkful is bursting with flavors of Cardamom, Ricotta, Saffron and Rose Water. The […]

  • Diwali is a big thing for Indians. They have started celebrating Diwali all over the world now. At my work here in California, USA.., we celebrate Diwali too, – Indian food is catered, everyone dresses up in […]

  • Lentils are primarily used in soups but I think it’s a refreshingly new idea to try them as croquettes and if you think lentils are not versatile.., then trust me these Spicy Lentil and Potato Croquettes w […]

  • This Curry Spiced Potatoes recipe is an any-time favorite for us. The baby potatoes are coated with spices and cooked with olive oil which gives it a very rich and tasty texture.Somedays, you just don’t want t […]

  • Manda Pitha is primarily made from rice flour batter ,which is shaped into rounded balls and filled with grated coconut, cashews and cardamom powder. You have your choices available, if you want to fry, steam […]

  • There are many many varieties of biryanis out there, satisfying the tastes of Seafood lovers to Meat lovers to Vegetarians. And, everyone from kids to older folks, loves a good plate of well made biryani with […]

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    Kheer or Rice Pudding, is a dessert everyone from India everyone is familiar with – From North to South and East to West and this is one dessert, which need no occasion and the best part about kheer that m […]

  • A creamy and smooth Ice Cream that you can whip up with less than four ingredients. Not only that, you don’t need another fancy kitchen gadget to make this ice cream. The texture is so silky and smooth that, […]

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  • I know we are just couple of days into spring, yet, it feels like summer here in Northern California. It gets very dry here during Summer and I’m not a fan of hot weather. I would rather be bundled up and d […]

  • I’m sure, somewhere in the world, people do combine veggies with their lentils to make it a hearty and wholesome dish (and no, I’m not talking about Sambar or Dalma) What I know for a fact is, my ma makes […]

  • Cake Napoleon or mille-feuille is a French pastry traditionally, made up of layers of puff pastry alternating with layers of pastry cream. I tried Cake Napoleon in a local brunch place here called – Towercafe […]

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    Sandesh is a subtle and delicate dessert made with fresh cottage cheese and flavored with saffron, cardamom and rose water. Unique to the eastern region of India but popular worldwide with history behind its […]

  • Mango Dal is a simple Dal cooked with raw green Mangoes usually during the hot hot summer months in India. When its so hot and humid outside, this light and tangy dal is an absolute go-to accompaniment for […]

  • I see a lot of Holi posts with Thandai in it. I thought about making something – a cake/cupcakes/drinks with thandai but then looks like every dish out there is taken. I live in California and my parents move […]

  • Orange Olive Oil Cake. This is a light yet flavorful cake made with basic ingredients from your pantry – Fresh squeezed orange juice, orange zest and olive oil.

    Nonstick baking spray
    5 large […]

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