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  • Stuffed Jalapenos are fill with creamy and delicious cream cheese -sour cream filling,topped with crispy corn flakes and baked in oven until they become melt in mouth heavenly treat.


    7-8 […]

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    Thanks Laura.I found the bowl during my prop hunt at Goodwill.

  • Bengali cuisine is one of the most popular cuisine throughout the country and needless to mention the mouth watering sweets.Although the main staple is fish but lentils and vegetables also take part in the […]

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    Tofu matar curry or dry tofu peas curry is the vegan version of the popular paneer matar dry curry.Nowadays ,I am trying to add tofu in our diet without telling my family members as I want them to get familiar […]

  • What else we need on Holiday to munch on than a plate full of crispy and tasty bhajjias with hot cup of tea.These pakoras makes a simple holiday the special one.


    For potato and mirchi […]

  • Janamasthmi holiday is incomplete without these mouth melting and delicious pedas. Every year we make the pedas and offer to Lord Krishna and break our fasting.These peda are a perfect recipe for Holiday and […]

  • Biryani is always the one recipe that I love to cook on Holidays.This is such aromatic and flavorful vegetable biryani that would impress your guests or held your family together for lunch or dinner in […]

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