It all started on a chilly spring evening in the living room of their gorgeous but little apartment in North Carolina. After putting their seven month old to bed and the only time they got to themselves, Abhishek and Prerna were talking. Nestled on her couch wrapped in her black pashmina shawl, sipping on her sweetened ginger chai Prerna was expressing her dissatisfaction about the image Indian food holds in the western world. “It’s not all about curry and naan, people should know”, she insisted. After hearing the same for the 100th time, this time Abhishek said, “why don’t you do something about it? Write a blog or something”. And the next thing you know they were busy buying a website and creating pages for an Indian food blog. And that is how Indian Simmer was born. In a gist, just like that! Five years, another kid, a move across country and two houses later they are still going strong.

Prerna and Abhishek are the faces behind Indian Simmer. Prerna is the one who has her way with words, or so she thinks and Abhishek is the designer. One with a background in advertising and the other believe it or not studied chemical engineering although now works on products for an entertainment company. Well, love brought them together but their love for food and photography, kept them together. Together they have two beautiful daughters, referred to as the “butterfly” and “monkey”. You will hear about them a lot here. Then they have a third baby together which is equally demanding, sometimes troubling but still puts a smile on their faces. Indian Simmer it is!

Indian Simmer is a website about all things Indian food. Here you will find some simple Indian recipes which are cooked everyday in Indian kitchens or some complex ones which when broken down into easy steps will suddenly sound much simpler. Indian cuisine is so vast that it will actually take a lifetime to cover even a portion of it but here at Indian Simmer we try to do it one step at a time. We hope to hold your hand during your first experiment with spices or be able to walk you through your first Indian cooking extravaganza. Whatever be the case we try out best to take the intimidation out of Indian cooking and make it more approachable.


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