Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well! Hello Hello...

My parents are visiting us from India and they are here to meet Aashvi, their first grand daughter and my six month old and the cutest baby ever!! We're all having such a good time..Aashvi obviously is keeping us all busy and on our toes all the time and when she's asleep all of us are in the kitchen trying a new recipe . Sometimes either maa will show me how to make a traditional north indian delicacy or papa will come up with a quick fix non vegetarian meal. Sometime i will introduce them to some international cuisine and when no one's there then Abhishek my lovely husband will be in there cooking something for all of us..
One evening i sat in front of the computer to check a recipe and found 10 different versions of the same thing so i thought why not share my version with all the food lovers out there who is always on a look out for something new..
So a BIG HELLO! to everyone and I will see you from time to time with a new recipe of mine..


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